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Oregonian ScStr - History

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(ScStr.: dp. 8,850; 1. 430'; b. 51'1"; dr. 28'; s. 10.5 k.; cpl. 112; a. 1 3")

Oregonian, a cargo ship, was built by the Delaware River Shipbuilding Co., Chester, Pa., Iaunched in 1901- and at the time of her acquisition by the government 15 August 1918, she was operated by the American-Hawaiian Steamship Co.

She commissioned into NOTS 17 August 1918 at Norfolk, Va., Lt. Comdr. C. E. A. Anderson, USNRF, in command. After refitting, she took on general cargo, joined a convoy 22 August out of Norfolk, and arrived Brest, France 11 September. Steaming on to St. Nazaire, she discharged her cargo and sailed from Verdon in convoy 30 September, arriving New York 16 October.

Oregonian subsequently made two more Atlantic crossings, one to La Pallice, Bordeaux, and Verdon, returning to New York 13 December the other to the Mediterranean in January 1919. Following delivery of her cargo at Trieste, she returned to New York, arriving 26 March. Ordered demobilized and returned to her owners, she decommissioned 15 April 1919 at Brooklyn, N. Y.


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