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Menlo College

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Menlo College is situated on the San Francisco Peninsula in Atherton, California. Menlo is just an hour drive from Stanford University, Santa Clara University, and the University of California Berkeley.The college was opened as a two-year junior college. Finally, they decided to remain as a two-year lower division college and an active feeder school to Stanford University.In 1949, the School of Business Administration was established which was the first and the only four-year program in the College. By 1986, the college began to offer only four-year programs and eliminating the entire two-year degree programs.Various academic programs were begun with a broad-based liberal arts foundation. It also provides the opportunity for the students to create their own major by combining any of the fields of study.The college saw major growth through the years. Some of the campus resources are the Bowman Library, Conference Services, the Russell Center for International Management and Global Studies, and the Office of Information Technology.The college also offers outstanding merit scholarship programs, and financial aid for the needy in the form of grants, on-campus employment, and low interest loans.Menlo College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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