Series of films: The year 36 (Forum des images)

Series of films: The year 36 (Forum des images)

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On the one hand, the euphoria of the first paid holidays and families launched to attack the seaside. On the other, the rise of nationalism and the threats of world war. Few years have so marked the collective imagination. Returns in pictures thanks to acycle of films, Year 36, which takes place from May 4 to 27 in Pictures Forum.

Between hopes ...

In France, the time has come for joyous struggles (La vie est à nous, Grèves d'occupation) and the improvement of the Popular Front (La Belle Équipe, Le Temps des cerises). Jean Gabin embodies the magnificent worker of the suburbs (Les Bas-fonds, Pépé le Moko) while humanist ideas triumph (Modern Times, L'Extravagant Mr. Deeds).

... and uncertainties

The threat of fascism and military conflict looms on the horizon. In Spain, Franco's coup precipitated civil war (Land of Spain, For Whom the Bell Tolled, Land and Freedom). In Germany, the Olympic Games in Berlin, cleverly orchestrated by Goebbels, offered a first show of strength by Hitler's all-powerful power (Les Dieux du stade) ...

Also on screens

The French box office places Marcel Pagnol in the lead. Critics celebrate the beauty of Yasujiro Ozu's first talkie (The Only Son), the tap dancing virtuosity of the duo Astaire-Rogers (On the Wings of Dance) and Sacha Guitry's marivauding (Let's have a dream). The female gender is not to be outdone with Françoise Rosay (The Heroic Fair) and Marlene Dietrich (Désir).

80 years later

What do the images of fictions, news, and militant cinema tell us from this pivotal year of history? During conferences and cinema courses, historians (D. Tartakowsky, M. Winock, S. Wolikow), philosopher (G. Vigarello) and specialist (É. Waintrop) come back to the geopolitical context or question the representations of the time and their resonances on ours.

Film cycle: The year 36From May 4 to 27 at the Forum des images (Halles, Paris).

Video: B-A Mille Melvil: Poupaud en 24 films - Cycle @Forum des images


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