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Great inventions and discoveries

Measuring devices, actuators, sensors, regulators: instruments of science.

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No one knows exactly who invented the glasses. The English monk Bacon in 1290? Italian Alessandro in 1300? His compatriot Degli Armati ? In any case, a man of the Church, because these two rock crystal convex lenses mounted on a nose clip are then used by scholars to immerse themselves in their manuscripts. Later, glasses will also have a protective role: colored glasses, or sunglasses, protect the eyes against solar radiation, or working glasses which protect their eyes from projections of particles.

Theinvention of the sundial merges with the history of two ancient civilizations, Egypt and Mesopotamia. Taken up later by the Romans and Greeks, this tool was of great use for administrative and especially religious organizations, the latter often punctuating daily activities. Even today we find many sundials from these eras, in various forms: spherical, concave, convex, hemispherical ...

The discovery of telescope marks a fundamental step in the history of mankind. The celestial observations allowed by this instrument will indeed completely upset the conception of the Universe that scientists had until then. Most historians attribute his invention to Hans Lip-pershey, a manufacturer of glasses Dutch. In 1608, he combined a convex lens and a concave lens to create the first spotting scope.

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